Web Based Ticket Call Terminal

This smart system, which consigns platform limitations to history, allows you to integrate with the power of web-based applications without the need for any additional software or application installation. It offers endless calling freedom within the permissions and rules you set for users. It works perfectly with all internet browsers from PCs to tablets and smart phones, offering a flawless match. With the waiting tickets and transaction duration functionalities at your fingertips, it provides a limitless and compelling web experience. Here is the future of digital queue management right in front of you!

Web-Based Operation

The Q-smart Queue System draws attention with its web-based structure that doesn’t require a calling terminal or any installation. This ensures that users can manage the queue directly through any web browser without the need for an application, providing versatility.

Universal Compatibility

The system is compatible with all popular mobile operating systems from cloud terminals, Windows, macOS, to Linux. It offers a wide range of compatibility for browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera which are common on mobile phones. Thus, queue management is accessible from every device and everywhere.

User-Oriented Design

With adaptive screen features, it automatically offers the best view according to the screen size of your device, whether it’s desktop or mobile. It guarantees the best experience for users at any time, making their tasks easier by showing information like the number of waiting tickets and the transaction duration up to the minute.

Adaptive Screen

Automatically provides the most suitable view based on screen size or usage. This offers the best user experience on all screens, whether they are minimized, vertical, or horizontal.

Automatic Notification

Displays information about the transaction and the services provided on the screen. When there is no one waiting, it switches to listening mode and automatically alerts you when a ticket is issued.

Operation with User Password

The system recognizes users who are defined in the queue system with their username and password, or it connects through services provided externally. Once the username and password are entered by the personnel, the system settings are uploaded without any extra effort, and the system begins to be used with personal shortcuts.

Universal Language Support

Designed to work in all languages with integrated web server technology. It is compatible globally with options in Arabic, Russian, German, English, or Turkish.


The queue management system operates through web server technology provided with integration, which means no program downloads are needed and it works directly through internet browsers.

Transaction Duration Display

On the information screen, it displays the duration of the transaction related to the service being provided, informing the user about performance.

Waiting Ticket Number Display

On the information screen, it displays the number of waiting people (tickets) for the user. The number of customers to be served is interactively communicated to the user.

API Support

You can easily integrate with the API that will be provided to your institution, with software or non-software applications.

Interactive Notification

Displays information about daily transactions and the services provided on the screen. When there is no one waiting, it switches to listening mode, and it automatically notifies and alerts you when a ticket is issued and when it’s your turn.

The Pinnacle of Digital Queue Management:
Web-Based Queue Management Terminal

Independent of platform and operating system, this cloud-based queue management ticket calling terminal operates without the need for any downloads. Thanks to the integrated web server, users can quickly call the next ticket, and easily view the number of waiting tickets and the transaction duration.
It offers an effective, practical, and uninterrupted experience.

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