Touchscreen or Traditional Button Options. With our touchscreen queue systems, button type queue systems, and ticket machines, we provide various options suitable for your business needs. We offer practical solutions to accelerate and facilitate queue management.

Screens and Displays

Technological Solutions Tailored to Your Needs. From main LCD TVs, counter/room screens, Dot Matrix counters and main direction screens, to 7-segment displays, with our diverse technological options, we optimize your customer service and queue management. We offer various screen solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.

Call Terminals

Simplify Queue Management. Our solutions are designed for easily calling the next ticket and other counter operations. From desktop applications to apps on Android phones, to browser-based applications, we offer a range of options to provide a solution suitable for your business needs.

Accessories and Auxiliary Products

Complementary Products for Queue Management. Our queue management systems are more efficient and user-friendly with thermal rolls, customer satisfaction survey systems, ticket collection boxes, internet kiosks, and similar products. We fully address the needs of your business.

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