Q-smart Queue Management Systems

Understand Your Business, Employees, and Customers Better

Serve your customers more quickly and effectively, increasing their satisfaction. Be ahead of the competition with Q-smart and shape the future of your business immediately!

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Touchscreen or Traditional Button Options. With our touchscreen queue systems, button type queue systems, and ticket machines, we provide various options suitable for your business needs. We offer practical solutions to accelerate and facilitate queue management.

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Screens and Displays

Technological Solutions Tailored to Your Needs. From main LCD TVs, counter/room screens, Dot Matrix counters and main direction screens, to 7-segment displays, with our diverse technological options, we optimize your customer service and queue management. We offer various screen solutions designed to meet the needs of your business.

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Call Terminals

Simplify Queue Management. Our solutions are designed for easily calling the next ticket and other counter operations. From desktop applications to apps on Android phones, to browser-based applications, we offer a range of options to provide a solution suitable for your business needs.

Find Immediate Solutions with E-Service

Access 7/24 technical service online. Convey your service requests and view operations on our website in real-time. Benefit from transparent technical service.

Create a Ticket

When you need technical service, create a record from our phones or through our online system.

Let’s Review

Have your request reviewed by experts in the field. Let the necessary steps be initiated for the solution to your problem.

Let’s Resolve the Issue

Follow all processes related to your request online. Let the service you receive be monitored under supervision. Let your problem be resolved immediately.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Do you think you have enough information about your business? Having the data required to increase your business’s performance, customer satisfaction, and the efficiency of your employees is the key to staying ahead of the competition. At this point, Q-smart’s intelligence solutions come into play.

With our artificial intelligence-supported queue management systems, you can derive more value from your data. Our learning algorithms assist in automating and improving your business processes.

While your system is running, you should enjoy your coffee. Q-smart’s business intelligence solutions make your decisions based on data easier, making your business more competitive.

Shape Your Business’s Future Now. Meet its Intelligence.

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Cloud Queue System Solutions

You no longer need expensive devices or complex software to set up a queue system. Be ready to start your queue system in seconds by purchasing any tablet or smart TV from a nearby electronics store.

Q-smart Cloud Queue System is designed to meet all the needs of businesses. It’s a solution that works on the local internet network and has powerful security measures taken on Q-smart servers, ensuring that your business data is always safe.

With Q-smart Cloud, you can instantly turn your Android tablet, iPad, or computer into ticketing machines, booth/room screens, main management screens, or call terminals. With this fast, easy, and cost-effective solution, increase the efficiency of your business.

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Online Appointment Solutions

With Q-smart Ticket Machine, you can now distribute your appointments over the internet. Connect your ticket machine to the internet without any additional requests or costs and start using the online appointment system immediately.

Make managing your appointments easier and more efficient with Q-smart. No additional services or fees are required except for an internet connection. Managing your appointments has never been this simple.

Upgrade your business with the Q-smart Ticket Machine and provide better service to your customers. Getting an appointment from the internet is now just a few clicks away.

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Central Queue Management System Solutions

The Q-smart Queue Management System gives central control of your business to you. Through the centralized reporting and management infrastructure, you can monitor the management of all your branches from a single center. You can track the performance of your branches in real-time, monitor density live, and prevent undesired situations with smart filters.

With just a few clicks, allow the instantaneous implementation of your artificial intelligence system and its optimization. That’s when Q-smart steps in!

With the Q-smart Queue Management System, manage your business from the center and put an end to the performance differences between your branches, ensuring each branch provides service at the highest level.

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Wireless Queue Management System Solutions

You no longer need to be limited by wires for your queue management system! With the WiFi queue system, place your ticket machines wherever you want. Change the placements in your branch as you wish. Ensure that the call terminals are carried on your employees’ arms or used in their pockets. Even if you want to move it quickly to a different location, there’s no need for any installation. Experience the freedom of your business with the wireless queue management system.

The Q-smart Queue Management System offers you a more flexible management opportunity. Now, for your customers to get a queue number, there’s no need to deal with the complexity of wires. Offer a fast, wireless, and hassle-free experience to satisfy your customers.

Uncomplicated Freedom

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HBYS Hospital Queue Management System Solutions

If you are imagining how to fully integrate technology into your hospital operations, with the Q-smart Queue Management Systems and the IPTV Queue Monitor, you can now turn this dream into reality. We are a team with more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, and with the seamless integration of HBYS (Patient Information Management System), specially selected hardware, our own operating system, and strong technical support, we are ready to solve your queuing problems from the root.
Now, you can provide a faster and more effective service to your patients. Your patients will not have to spend hours to make an appointment and wait in line. They will experience a hassle-free experience with our technologically integrated queuing systems.

Discover the Health Services of the Future and satisfy your customers.

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X-ray MR Queue Management System Solutions

In departments like X-ray and MR imaging, managing your patients’ process more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively is no longer a dream. Q-smart X-ray and MR Queue Management Systems are solutions that work in electromagnetic fields and optimize your operations in these areas.

Now, with just one ticket number, you can easily organize the entire journey of your patient. When registering the patient, the number taken during registration arranges the process in each section. For example, the patient’s registration is made by the secretary, and the ticket number is transferred for another process. Later, with the same ticket number, depending on the priority or transfer order, the patient is called in other departments and the service is managed perfectly.

Q-smart Queue Management Systems allow you to carry out operations more efficiently and under unlimited control. Contact us today to provide better service to your patients and to optimize their process.

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Blood Collection and Laboratory Queue Management System Solutions

Would you like to manage the patient experience in blood collection and laboratory procedures more quickly and effectively? Q-smart Blood Collection and Laboratory Queue Management Systems are designed to optimize your operations and offer the best service to your patients.

You can now expedite your patients’ procedures with a single ticket number. The patient’s registration is done either by the secretary or kiosk, and upon being called, they are directed to the waiting area of the blood collection or laboratory section. The patient’s number is transferred to the laboratory section, and the process begins. Depending on the priority or transfer order of the transferred ticket, the patient is called from the blood collection section and the service is managed perfectly from start to finish.

Q-smart Queue Management Systems don’t compromise on precision while speeding up your operations. Contact us today to provide better service to your patients and to optimize your operations.

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