Online Appointment Solution

The Q-smart queuing ticket machine is fully prepared to take appointments over the internet without the need for an actual ticket. It works independently of any additional requirements, other than an internet connection.

You can easily organize appointment durations, working hours, and the distribution of services via the queue system interface. The Q-smart online appointment system provides an administration panel that is accessible to all users. With internet browsers such as Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, whether on a mobile or desktop device, you can easily manage your online appointments.

Simply connecting the ticket machine to the internet is sufficient; there is no need for extra fees or service requests to use the Q-smart queue system’s online appointment system.

How Does It Work?

Q-smart queue management system is offered with the integrated Web server and ready to use appointment webpage. The customers connect the online appointment system with your specified URL inside the queue management system which is connected to the Internet.(1+2).

The queue management system identifies appointment options based on the service, day and hour the customer prefers and displays the options on the screen. The customer then fills in the blanks with relevant information to make an application. The system records the data, generates an appointment number and displays it on the screen (3+4).

The customer comes to your branch office according to the data and hour of the appointment. The customer then chooses the appointment option on the ticket dispenser’s screen of the queue management system. The system asks for the appointment number. If the appointment number, date and hour match the system data, the ticket dispenser prints the customer’s high priority ticket (5).

The high-priority customer is immediately called by the system and is referred to relevant users based on the service he/she wants to receive (6+7).

Web-Based System Management

Web-Based System Management

With web-based management tools, you have the freedom to manage your Q-smart appointment system from any platform you desire. You can access it from anywhere, from your mobile phone to your desktop computer to iPads and other tablet computers.

Connect Easily, Manage Quickly

Using your internet browser, you can quickly perform appointment operations without the need for any additional software downloads. Through the web management panel, appointments can be previewed, and distribution of appointments specific to your services can be arranged instantly. You can update your rules and schedule your staff according to demand and density.

Importing from Other Systems

Ease of Importing with Excel

You can easily transfer appointments from other systems you own to the Q-smart appointment system in Excel file format. This feature ensures that your existing appointments are quickly integrated.

Smart Ticket Conversion and Customer Alerts

Appointments imported into the system are quickly analyzed by the Q-smart System and converted into tickets. This automation system takes control of your customers’ appointment actions. If your customer arrives too early for their appointment, they are taken under control and, if necessary, are automatically alerted to remain faithful to the appointment time if they need to wait.

Appointment-Based Customer Management: Effective and Efficient

Obtaining Tickets with Appointment Number

Customers with appointments can easily obtain their tickets through the systematic system by entering their appointment number. The system examines the entered number, checks the appointment details thoroughly, and automatically provides the customer with a priority ticket confirming the appointment date and time.

Intelligent Approach to No-show Customers

If a customer does not show up for their appointment, they are not included in the queue system. This feature prevents staff from making unnecessary calls to no-show customers, thus saving time.

Appointment Time Controls

The system compares the time the customer arrives with the appointment time. If the customer arrives before their scheduled appointment time, they are informed about the necessity of waiting. If the appointment time has passed, this is also communicated to the customer, allowing for a more orderly service process.

Appointment Scheduling: Flexible and Controlled

Periodic Appointment Options

You can set specific periods for appointment distribution within your appointment period management and have full control over the process.

Step by Step Appointment Settings:

  1. Select the time range within your working hours for giving appointments.
  2. Define your appointment period, for example, half an hour each.
  3. Set the appointment limit for the period you determined, such as five people for half an hour.
  4. Introduce your break times or off hours into the system.

Afterwards, the Q-smart system automatically prepares the appointment screen according to the criteria you set and initiates an effective appointment management process.

Customized Ticket Templates and Numbering Options

Original Ticket Design

Tickets obtained from the ticket machine can be customized according to the specific needs of your institution. By adjusting both the ticket template and the number ranges as you wish, you can make the customer experience more effective and understandable.

Ease of Reserving Tickets

With different number ranges, you can distinguish appointment customers’ tickets from other tickets. This ensures that appointment tickets are distinctly separated from the rest.

Especially during busy periods, using different number ranges helps prevent confusion among waiting customers. Customers can understand the services they are waiting for more easily according to the number range, and waiting times become more equitable.

Integration and other application options

Option 1. Standard Use

Including the Q-smart queuing system’s web server and using the appointment web page, you can immediately start distributing and managing appointments. The queuing system provides you with a URL to use, and by adding this address to your website, you can instantly utilize the appointment system.

Option 2. Importing from a different appointment system, integration into the queue system

You can transfer the appointment numbers and information generated in an appointment system you are currently using into the queuing system as an Excel file through the appointment management screen. When your customer arrives at the branch, the queuing system checks the appointment number, date, and time against the data entered; if there is a match, it prioritizes and calls your customer’s ticket first.

Option 3. Appointment system web services

The Q-smart appointment system is offered with ready-integrated web server and web services. Along with the system, you can perform actions such as adding appointments, checking appointment status, deleting appointments, updating appointment information, counting appointments, and distributing appointment-related services by using the web services on your own software, within the appointment system.

Option 4. Integration with Your Own Systems

You can redirect the appointment inquiry process of the Q-smart queuing system to an external system. By making a web service call to the appointment system you are currently using, the queuing system can convey the appointment number entered by your customer. The system prioritizes and calls the customer’s ticket based on the response received in JSON format from the web service.

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