Cloud queue management solution

Cloud Queue Management Solution

Purchase a Tablet and a Smart TV from the nearest electronic store and start using your queue management system just in seconds.

Q-smart Cloud offers all features of Q-smart Queue Management System. System is running on powerfull and secured servers on internet or your local networks with your private accounts. You can convert your Android tablet, Ipad, or PC to a ticket machine, counter / room displays, main routing displays or call terminals with the Q-smart Cloud.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Have an idea about your company, your employees and your customers? Q-smart queue, performance and appointment management system is ready to give you a plausible answer to all these questions. You just enjoy your coffee.

Online Appointment Solutions

Q-smart ticket dispenser is ready to distribute appointments online (with no requirement other than Internet connection.)

Connect your ticket dispenser to Internet and start using the online appointment system with no additional fee or service.

Wireless Queue Management Solutions

Use the WiFi queue management system to place your ticket machine wherever you want in the office. Run the call terminals on the arms of your staff or in their pockets. You are free to move your counters to upstairs tomorrow. And do all these without the need of any renovation work, just enjoy the freedom offered by the WiFi system.

Centralized system management and reporting

Q-smart Queue Management System has a smart central system management infrastructure. You can track the management of your all branches by means of central reporting and management infrastructure from a single center, you can monitor the performances of the branches and follow the workflow in your branches in real time. You can enable the developed artificial intelligence to track your system by applying smart filters for unexpected cases.