Centralized Queue Systems Solutions

The Q-smart Queue Management System allows you to maintain centralized control over your business.

With a centralized reporting and management structure, you can monitor all your branches from a single center. Track branch performance in real-time, follow densities live, and prevent undesirable situations with smart filters.

With just a few clicks, ensure that your system is instantly monitored and optimized by artificial intelligence. This is where Q-smart comes into play! Control your business more effectively with the Q-smart Queue Management System and put an end to performance discrepancies between branches, ensuring that each branch delivers top-level service.

Integrated System Management: Centralized Control with Smart Architecture

General Structure

The centralized management system includes a CMS (content management server) and the ticket machines used at branches. These machines are in constant synchronization with the CMS via the network.

Instant Updates

All updates made centrally are delivered to the branches within just 2 seconds. In this way, branches are immediately informed about central changes and are automatically updated.

Smart Data Transmission

Ticket machines, branch performance, initiated tickets, queue statuses, and staff work information are critical data points that are instantly transmitted to the central coordination point. This dynamic approach ensures that operations are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Single Point Management

You can manage ticket distributions, queue setups, and even advertisements from a single point through the system. This provides a consistent, fast, and seamless execution of processes.

Responsive Web Design

Flexible Compatibility

Offers a flawless experience on every platform, from desktops to mobile devices, in both horizontal and vertical screen layouts.

Access Everywhere

Manage your system from anywhere using standard web browsers. Easily perform many operations such as live reports, ticket template changes, adding new queues, or staff permission arrangements.

No Application Required

You do not need to download any application to access our system. Full integration with your standard web browsers provides a fast and efficient management experience.​​

Operation Center Monitoring Solution

Integrated Display

With tracking tools compatible with Smart and LCD TVs, monitor the live status of all your branches and equipment in your operation center.

Real-Time Information

Instantly display and inform about the current situations in all your branches through TV monitoring tools.

Detailed Mapping

Access the location information of your equipment with up-to-date map details thanks to Google Maps integration. Whether within an individual building, across Turkey, or even globally, observe all your systems on a single screen. Experience a monitoring experience customized to your needs with the ability to adjust the starting position and zoom level.​​

Map Integration

Live Location Information

The central system management displays the technical and performance status of each branch in real-time on the map through built-in map integration.

Detection and Notification

Automatically detects anomalies such as unusually long transaction or wait times. It identifies branches that exceed the wait time limit or have longer than expected service times and directs this information to the relevant managers.

Customizable User Experience

You can customize details such as the map scanning speed, zoom level, which data and branches will be displayed, and information update frequencies according to user preferences, thereby experiencing a fully personalized map monitoring experience.​​

Central Performance Analysis and Reporting

Cross-Branch Comparisons

Access detailed data to compare the efficiency and performance of your branches. Evaluate each branch’s, queue’s, and staff’s work against the overall system performance.

Time-Based Analyses

Whether hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually; examine detailed performance reports for the time period of your choice.

Density Notification

Access concrete information about your work density to determine your busiest hours, days, and months. With this information, you can make more efficient plans and adjustments.​​

Data Transfer and Export Options

Flexible Sorting and Display

With advanced table technology, you can quickly sort and display your reports according to the criteria you desire.

Export Options

Export your reports in various formats:

  • Excel: The ability to export data for analysis and processing in Excel format.
  • PDF: Export in PDF format for professional reports and presentations.
  • Table: Export in standard table format to increase compatibility with other programs.
  • Printable: An optimized format for printing reports directly from a printer.
  • Clipboard: The option to directly copy data and share it across different platforms.

These extensive transfer options provide flexibility in processing your data on the platform of your choice.​​

Interactive Graphics Library

Live Graphic Changes

With an advanced dynamic graphics library, you can quickly change graphic types (line, bar, horizontal bar, pie, and more) on the fly.

Flexible Report Modification

  • Add/Remove Branch: You can add or remove branches of interest from the report and observe these changes instantly.
  • Detailed View: By clicking or hovering over each data point in the graphic, you can get detailed information about the related data.

These interactive tools help make your reports more meaningful, enlightening, and user-friendly, allowing you to make more effective and informed decisions in your data analysis.​​

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