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How aware are you of your business, your employees, and your customers? The Q-smart queue, performance, and appointment management system is ready to answer the questions you’re looking for. While it works, you just enjoy your coffee.

  • Central system management and performance monitoring tools for your branch networks
  • System status monitoring tools for your coordination center
  • Detailed work reports of your employees
  • Density reports of the services you provide online
  • Customer satisfaction survey system for feedback from your customers
  • Appointment system to balance your workload and save your customers’ time
  • Advertising management overlay to keep your promotions and campaigns in front of your customers
  • Integrated kiosk TV system solution for queue systems
  • Integration with smart building systems
  • SAP, CRM system integration
  • Web services for all data collected and processed in the queue system
With Q-smart Intelligent Queuing System Management

Centralized Systematic Queue Management and Performance Monitoring Tools

The Q-smart systematic queuing system offers you the opportunity to manage all your branches effectively through a central infrastructure. You can monitor the density of each branch live, evaluate their performance, and minimize unwanted situations with smart filters. With the support of developing technology, you can achieve optimal performance in your queuing systems.

The data collected from the queuing systems in the branches are centralized at a single point through Q-smart’s advanced reporting infrastructure. These reports enable the analysis and comparison of the queue lengths and the working performance of the personnel with the general system, providing you with the analysis.

Q-smart’s systematic queuing management offers monitoring tools compatible with your modern operation centers and smart TVs with LCD screens. These tools can be easily accessed and used via the web without the need to install any additional applications.

With Q-smart for Superior Coordination

Systematic Queue System Monitoring Tools

Detailed Reporting with Q-smart Queuing System

Performance Monitoring: Detailed Work Reports

The Q-smart queue management system offers comprehensive performance reports for systems that operate individually or under central management. Along with central management, detailed reports can be accessed for individual branches, and work reports are available for specific dates you define. The starting and ending dates are up to your choice. These include:

  • Hourly Work Report: You can see the busiest hours of your business.
  • Daily Work Report: You can get detailed information about the daily density for each day of the week.
  • Monthly Work Report: You can evaluate your business performance on a monthly basis.
  • Annual Work Report: You can have detailed information about the yearly overall, service, branch, or employee performance.

With these reports, you can closely monitor the efficiency and performance within your business and shape your strategies accordingly.

Ease of Appointment in the Digital World: Q-smart Online Appointment System

Easy and Accessible: Online Appointment System

The Q-smart queuing system makes it easy to schedule appointments over the internet without the need for extra requests. With our integrated appointment system, you can prioritize your customers, set your working hours, and customize your appointment intervals and periods. The user-friendly management interface is compatible with popular internet browsers such as Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and offers a seamless user experience on mobile devices as well.

Our service comes with an integrated web server and a ready-made appointment web page. You can start using the online appointment system immediately by simply connecting your ticket machine to the internet without any extra fee or service purchase. The Q-smart queuing system provides full support for managing your appointments effectively in the digital world.

Customer Evaluation: Q-smart Satisfaction Survey System

Increase Service Quality with Customer Insights

The Q-smart queuing system offers an integrated survey system that prioritizes customer satisfaction. When a customer call is made, the satisfaction survey appears on the staff’s screen opposite the customer. The customer’s responses are recorded by matching them with the ticket number. This way, the satisfaction survey reports can easily provide access to information about which services an unsatisfied customer used and which staff member they interacted with.

Thanks to the special filters you will set, if a customer indicates dissatisfaction, an automatic notification is sent to your managers by the system center via email. You can examine detailed daily reports from the customer’s perspective, which show how your business is perceived, both for the present and historically. These evaluations are a critical guide to continuously improving the quality of your service.

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