Blood Collection and Laboratory Queue Management System Solutions

This queue management system developed by Q-smart is designed to expedite blood collection and laboratory procedures in a faster, more efficient, and patient-centered manner.

Targeting variables such as priority appointments, age categories, and emergency situations, this system aims to reduce patients’ waiting times. It enables patients to carry out their procedures throughout the entire process with the same ticket number.

From nurses to laboratory technicians, all staff members can manage workflow seamlessly and effectively thanks to this system.

Single Ticket, Seamless Process: An Innovative Approach to Patient Experience

Blood Collection and Laboratory Queue Management System

Q-smart’s queue management system enables patients to complete laboratory procedures faster and seamlessly. With features like priority queue management, dynamic workflow transfer, and real-time guidance screens, it minimizes patient waiting times and allows staff to manage workflow efficiently. Explore Q-smart’s innovative solutions for patient satisfaction and effective operations in the healthcare sector.

Queue Number with QR Code

The system automatically prioritizes specific categories such as individuals aged 65 and over, those with appointments, or emergency cases. This minimizes the waiting times for individuals in need.

Single Ticket, Seamless Process

Patients can complete the entire laboratory process seamlessly by obtaining a single ticket number for all laboratory procedures. This reduces confusion for patients and facilitates faster processing of procedures.

Dynamic Workflow Transfer

During patient procedures, the ticket number is automatically transferred to the next processing unit. This allows staff to manage workflow continuously and effectively.

Real-Time Guidance Screen

The system displays in real-time on the main guidance screen in the waiting room which patient’s turn it is. This enables faster and more efficient communication between patients and staff.

How It Works?

Q-smart Queue Management System is an optimized queue management system for analysis, blood collection, and laboratory procedures, enabling patients and healthcare personnel to efficiently complete their procedures. Here’s how this system works in simple steps:

Ticket Machine: The patient obtains a queue number from the Q-smart ticket machine. The system can assign priority based on different patient categories, such as those aged 65 and over, emergency cases, appointments, or regular cases.
Waiting Room: The patient waits in the waiting room for their queue number to be called.
Patient Admission: Patient admission personnel press the call button on the terminal to call a new patient. The system displays the patient’s queue number on the main guidance screen.
Preparation for Procedure: When called, the patient approaches the patient admission personnel. Necessary materials, such as analysis tubes, are provided to the patient, and the patient’s queue number is transferred for the next procedure.
Second Waiting: The patient waits again, especially for the next procedure, such as analysis or blood collection, when their queue number is called again.
Main Procedure: A nurse or relevant technician presses the call button on the terminal to call a new patient. The system displays the patient’s queue number on the main guidance screen.
Procedure Completion: When the patient’s queue number is called again, the patient approaches the relevant staff and completes the necessary procedure.

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