Fast Food Order Call System

Q-smart’s revolutionary order queue system is a total game-changer for restaurant and fast food businesses. This smart application, easily downloadable from the Google Play Store, works perfectly with Q-smart WiFi queue screens or your own LCD TVs. The system elevates your restaurant’s queue experience to a new level with a user-friendly interface.

Easy Installation

Designed for restaurants and fast food venues, the Q-smart WiFi order queue screen is ready to use right out of the box. Plug in the adapter, choose your queue screens through the terminal application, and enjoy managing your queue with ease.

Wide Compatibility

The queue system is compatible with all brands and models of Android tablets and phones available on the Google Play Store. This allows you to manage the fast food queue experience wirelessly and with mobile devices.

Detailed Transaction Display

The restaurant queue application provides detailed transaction displays, from manual number calling to total order count and processing time. This facilitates the organization of orders for fast food businesses.

Information Screen

The information screen displays the total number of orders and the service duration for the ongoing operation, keeping the user informed about performance.

Order Number Options

You can manually enter any order number you wish, recall the previous or next number, or even re-call the last called number.

Easy Setup

You don’t need any professional help for the setup. Simply open the box of your Q-smart Wi-Fi screen or TV interface, plug in the adapter, press the find terminal application screen, and start using it instantly.

Android Platform

Designed with an adaptive layout, it is fully compatible with all Android-based tablets and smart phones. It adapts to the device’s screen size and characteristics, offering buttons and visuals that ensure ergonomic usage.

Wireless Operation

It works over a wireless network. Operates on your phone or tablet via standard Wi-Fi networks, offering unlimited mobile operation.

Google Playstore Support

Downloads and updates are done through Google Playstore. The application is free of charge. Benefits from all updates throughout its lifetime.

Single Button Recall

If you need to remind an order number or a ticket number, there is no need to re-enter or go through complicated processes. With just one click, you can quickly and easily recall the last called number.

API Support

You can easily integrate with the API that will be provided to your institution, with software or non-software applications.

Interactive Notification

Displays information about daily transactions and the services provided on the screen. When there is no one waiting, it switches to listening mode, and it automatically notifies and alerts you when a ticket is issued and when it’s your turn.

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