Desktop Ticket Call Terminal

Q-smart’s desktop ticket calling terminal, designed for your smart queue systems, offers a unique experience to users with its modular design and functional features. It provides an aesthetic and practical solution with both wired and wireless communication options.

Wired & Wireless Communication

With WiFi IEEE 802.b/g/n wireless communication technology, you have the flexibility to position it conveniently. RS485 also offers wired communication up to 1200m.

Functional Use

With a five-button design, you can easily access functions like calling, recall, and pass; you can see the number of tickets waiting and the ticket processing time on the LCD screen.

Flexible and Modular Design

Provides a neat appearance on the desk. The dual-socket design and robust connection ensure perfect integration with your smart queuing systems.

Compact Solution in Queue Management Systems


Communication Range


Wireless Communication



1200m Communication

With an advanced communication algorithm, you can work up to 1200 meters via an RS485 communication network, in various topologies.

802.11 WiFi

It can operate wirelessly integrated with standard WiFi systems. Standard WiFi can flawlessly cover a single connection point up to 300 meters.

Transaction Duration Display

On the LCD information screen, it displays the time elapsed since the ticket is called and the transaction duration. This helps users to monitor their transaction performance.

Waiting Ticket Number Display

For the user on the information screen, it instantly displays the number of people (tickets) waiting. It helps to follow the queue and density of waiting people.

API Support

You can easily integrate with the API that will be provided to your institution, with software or non-software applications.

Installation Options

Works with only 200mA of current and consumes only 0.24W of power. Supports all connection topologies with parallel or serial cabling, thus allowing for easy installation.

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