Smart Android Ticket Calling Terminal

Create a revolution in your system with Q-smart’s Smart Virtual wireless ticket calling terminal application. This application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, is compatible with all Android tablets and smartphones. Through a network, it wirelessly calls tickets, observes transaction processes, and many more functions easily.

Universal Compatibility

It provides perfect compatibility with all Android tablets and smartphones. You can easily download the application from the Google Play Store and always use the latest version with automatic updates.

Advanced Functions

Observe the number of waiting tickets, follow transaction processes, and perform additional functions such as passing, delaying with touch.

Wireless Freedom

With the wireless operation feature, manage your ticket calling operations over the network with your mobile devices.

Compact Solutions in Queue Management Systems


Communication Range


Wireless Communication



Wireless Operation

Operates connected to the system over a wireless network. It can be used handheld or on the desktop. WiFi 802.11 communication.

PlayStore Support

Updates from Google Playstore are free. The application is free of charge. Benefits from all updates throughout its lifetime.

All Android Platforms

With its adaptive design, it is compatible with all Android-based tablets and smart telephones. It adapts to the device according to screen sizes and characteristics, offering ergonomic use.

Waiting Ticket Number Display

On the information screen, it instantly displays the number of people (tickets) waiting for the user. It helps to follow the queue and density of waiting people.

API Support

You can easily integrate with the API that will be provided to your institution, with software or without the need for automation applications.

Interactive Notification

Information about daily transactions and the services provided is displayed on the touch screen. When there is no one waiting, it switches to listening mode, and it automatically notifies and alerts you when a ticket is issued and when it’s your turn.

Smart Mobile Queue Management
Now in Your Pocket

Queue management is now in your pocket! The Smart Virtual wireless ticket calling terminal application offers a revolutionary step in queue management systems. No need for bulky screens or complex devices to follow your queue or see waiting times. This application, which can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, can be used on any Android-based mobile phone or tablet.

The application is compatible with all Android devices and has an adaptive design, particularly focusing on user-friendly interfaces. You can instantly see the number of waiting tickets, follow the transaction process, or use functions like passing and delaying quickly. Moreover, with special sound alerts, you are informed at every step. The application, which has 128-bit AES encryption and high-security standards, protects your privacy and data security at the highest level.

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