Centralized system management and reporting

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Q-smart Queue Management System has a smart central system management infrastructure. You can track the management of your all branches by means of central reporting and management infrastructure from a single center, you can monitor the performances of the branches and follow the workflow in your branches in real time. You can enable the developed artificial intelligence to track your system by applying smart filters for unexpected cases.

Smart Architecture

Central system management is composed of CMS (content management server) and the ticket dispenser machines which are used in your branches. The ticket dispenser machines provide automatically synchronization by connecting to the CMS via network.

Your branch is informed of the changes to be conducted in the head office after a little while (2 seconds) and they are automatically synchronized with the head office.

Information like performance status in the branches, printed tickets, queue status, data on employee’s working are transmitted immediately to the coordination center thanks to the same smart technology in the branches.

You can easily manage the templates of the tickets which are printed in your branches, queue configuration or your advertisements appearing on your screens from a single center with the help of central management.

Responsive web design

Central System Management Solution is designed for the purpose of operating properly on PC’s, tablets or smart phones in a portrait or landscape position.

By connecting to your system through standard web browsers wherever you want, you can receive current reports, track the status of your system online, change your ticket templates, add a queue to a branch you want and organize the authorities of the personnel you want.

You don’t need to install any application to your smart phone or computer for all those actions. It operates compatible with your standard web browsers.

Operation Center Application

Central System Management can be used in your operation center. It comes with monitoring tools which are compatible with smart or LCD televisions. 

By using TV monitoring tools, you can be informed about your all branches and hardware in your branches in real time.

The system designed by means of Google Maps, always presents map information which is up to date. Starting position and the degree of zoom can be chosen as you please. Therefore, you can monitor either your systems which are located in the building or your other systems in all around the world at the same time.

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Map integration

Central System Management Solution is presented along with internal map integration. The system which provides technical and performance information for your coordination center, presents received information simultaneously, by zooming on relevant locations on the map in the light of information coming from your branches.

It automatically detects the branches exceeding your waiting time limits, where there are many customers in the queue, where the retention time is extraordinary long and presents them to the attention of the manager in charge through the map.

The data such as scanning speed of the map, zoom degree, data and branches which will be monitored, update time can be customized as you please.

Detailed central performance reports

The data of your branches collected in the head office helps an advanced report generation. You can examine the performances amongst your branches by the help of the report outputs, evaluate the works of branches, queues or staff, by comparing to the whole system.

You can receive concrete answers to the questions related to your work load, specific to ‘which day of the week’, ‘what time’ and ‘which month’, by the help of the performance reports to be generated according to the working hours, the days of the week, the weeks of the year, the months and the years.

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Wide data export alternatives

By means of developed table technology, you can immediately change the report data using sorting options and you can printout the data outputs to Excel, PDF and table. Moreover, you can transfer the data externally using printed clipboard options.

Dynamic library, interaction during operating

By using dynamic graphic library, you can change the graphic type (linear, bar, horizontal bar, pie chart), remove the branch which you want from the report and add the branches which you want to the report without the necessity of regenerating the report. You are able to view the details by moving the cursor on the data you want to examine.