7 Segment Counter Room Display

7Segment Room / Counter Display

Q-smart’s 7 Segment series provides an economical and energy-efficient alternative for queuing systems. Through the operator panels, it offers businesses the ability to direct waiting customers in a visually appealing and effective manner.

Automatic Adjustment and Display

With the capability of displaying 6 character numbers and automatic adjustment feature for 3 or 4 digit ticket numbers, customer direction becomes more practical and faster.

Energy-Efficient and Economical Design

The 7 Segment series, known for its low power consumption, offers savings in energy costs. At the same time, it provides an economical queuing solution that is friendly to your budget.

Flexible Mounting Options

Mounting devices provided for ceiling, table-top, or wall installation, allow for a setup that fits well with the space and aesthetics of your establishment. This feature also adds to your establishment’s overall image.

Compact Solutions in Queue Management Systems


Communication Range


Character Length



1200m Communication

Developed with an advanced superior communication algorithm, RS485 communication network enables operation across various topologies up to a distance of 1200 meters.

High Visibility

With a 70mm display and 57mm character height, it offers visibility at a 180-degree viewing angle. It can be used in any position in your waiting area with different mounting options such as ceiling, desk, or wall.

Adaptive Number Display

You can display 3 and 4 digit ticket numbers and 1 and 2 digit counter numbers. The screen will automatically adapt to the displayed number.

Low Power Consumption

Featuring Ultra Red 7 segment LED technology, it operates with only 5W power consumption, allowing you to save on energy costs and protect the environment.

API Support

The API that will be provided to your organization can be easily integrated with your software or automation applications.

Mounting Options

Along with its soft-edged aesthetic design, you can operate it on a desk, ceiling, or wall with mounting devices that suit the aesthetic needs of your establishment.

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