7 Segment Main Panel

The 7Segment series offers an economical and energy-efficient alternative among Q-smart’s queuing solutions. This system provides a simple, effective, and economical solution for businesses looking for customer direction and dynamic messaging.

Unlimited Additional Row Support

You can add as many additional rows as needed, enabling a wide-coverage queuing system to meet your needs easily. This feature offers flexibility especially for growing businesses.

Automatic Adjustment and Display

The feature of automatically adjusting 3 and 4 digit ticket numbers allows for a 6 character number display that makes customer direction more effective and precise.

Energy-Efficient Economical Solution

It offers a budget-friendly queuing solution with its very low power consumption, allowing you to save on energy costs.

Compact Solutions in Queue Management Systems




Character Height



1200m Communication

With an advanced top-tier communication algorithm, you can operate over various topologies up to a distance of 1200 meters using the RS485 communication network.

High Visibility

The display, measuring 70mm with characters 57mm in height, provides visibility from a 180-degree angle, allowing it to be used in any position within your waiting area.

Adaptive Number Display

You can display 3 and 4 digit ticket numbers as well as 1 and 2 digit counter numbers. The screen will automatically adapt to the number displayed.

Low Power Consumption

Equipped with Ultra Red 7 segment LED technology, the display operates on just 5W power consumption, helping you save money and protect the environment.

API Support

The API that will be provided to your organization can be easily integrated with your software or automation applications.

Unlimited Additional Rows

You can add as many extra rows as needed to display past calls. (Options for delivery from stock include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 line configurations.)

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