CheckOut Counter Cash Register Display

Provide an unmatched solution for your queuing systems with this checkout display screen, and etch the number sequence in high quality. Offering 30% larger display than standard screens, its aesthetic design adds value to your establishment and provides flexibility with different mounting options.

Large Character Size

With a character height of 140mm, easily attract your customers’ attention and provide clearer direction.

Long Distance Use

Offers effective work performance up to 1200m, allowing the queuing system to be used without any issues even in wide areas.

Color Options

With different LED colors such as red, blue, white, amber, and green, you can make a selection that complements the colors of your establishment, personalizing your queue experience.

Compact Solution in Queue Management Systems


Communication Range


Character Height


Power Led

1200m Communication

Utilizing advanced superior communication algorithms, you can operate over various topologies up to a distance of 1200 meters using the RS485 communication network.

High Visibility

With the specialized power LED technology used, clear readability up to 100 meters is achievable. With a character height of 140mm and a 180-degree viewing angle, it can be used in any desired position.

Active Cash Register Display

Whether it’s a single or dual-tiered cash register number, it can be displayed, and when a call is made, it draws the attention of your customers with its 140mm size.

Low Power Consumption

With the specially developed LED technology, while achieving high light intensity, you can ensure power consumption lower than 10W.

API Support

You can easily integrate the API that will be provided to your institution with your software or automation applications.

Mounting Options

With its soft-edged aesthetic design, you can operate it in forms suitable for your institution’s aesthetic needs using desk, ceiling, or wall mounting apparatuses.

Technical Specifications

Hardware Features
Resolution: 16x10
Led Type: Power Led
Led Color: Kırmızı, Mavi, Beyaz, Yeşil
Chasis Color: Siyah
Dimensions (WxHxD):
Character Length: 140mm
Communication: RS485 (1200m)
WiFi 802.11 Support: No
Operating Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption: 2W

Functional Features
Central Clock Display: No
Number of characters (Ticket):
Number Prefix: No
Number of characters (User): 2
Direction Arrows: No
Custom Text Displays: No
Melody Selection: Yes
Custom Melody: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Maximum Row Count: 1

API Support
Scrolling Text: No
Show Numbers: Yes
Show Texts: No
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