Curwe Queue System Main Display

Curwe Wifi Main Display

Q-smart’s innovative product, the Curwe WiFi queue management system, avoids the hassle of wiring. Operating on the IEEE 802.11 standard WiFi technology, it offers wireless convenience and mobility in queue management. With just an IP address, it can manage up to 20 queues, delivering perfect performance while adding aesthetic value to your space with its aluminum design.

Ultra Power Led

The Ultra Led screen, with 48×10 pixel resolution, provides crystal clear visuals in the system.

Wide Wireless Coverage

Single connection point up to 300 meters, providing flawless wireless communication experience. Even in extended networks, the WiFi standard ensures uninterrupted communication.

Flexible Design and Color Options

With interchangeable text styles and LED colors such as Red, Blue, White, our system is designed to integrate smoothly with your space and brand, offering customization options for your specific needs.

Compact Solution in Queuing System


Wireless Communication


Character Height


Power Led

WiFi 802.11 Wireless operation

Supports IEEE 802.11 standard WiFi wireless standard. Thus, you can set up your queue management system without any trouble using the modem, router, or access point you use in your office without any extra wiring.

High Visibility

With a character height of 75mm, you can be visible at a viewing angle of 180 degrees anywhere in your salon. In applications with more than one main panel, you can direct your customers by using the ticket direction.

Scrolling Text Display

In cases where calling by voice is not performed, you can convey your institutional messages to your customers with scrolling text information.

Different LED Color Options

You can use the appropriate color option for your setup with different colors such as red, white, blue, yellow, or green. By using screens with different colors for different queues, you can direct your customers’ attention.

Aluminum Flexible Base, Modular Design

With its modular design, you can increase the number of queues as you wish at any time, just by adding lines. You can easily disassemble the lines and create new combinations.

300 Meter Wireless Communication

The used wireless network technology has WiFi certification, and WiFi-certified products offer flawless wireless operation experience within 300 meters through just a single connection point.

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