Curwe Wifi Counter / Room Display

Q-smart’s innovative product, the Curwe WiFi smart queue system, eliminates the mess of cables in modern offices and shopping mall environments. It offers wireless flexibility and comfort within the queue management system according to the IEEE 802.11 standard WiFi technology.

Unlike cordless products working on different frequencies, this WiFi technology uses only one connection point (modem, router, or access point) and offers a flawless wireless operation experience up to 300 meters. It works without the need for any installation, just like a typical phone or tablet, at any place of your office, anytime, without any cabling or drilling.

Ultra Power Led

The Ultra Led screen with 40×10 pixel resolution provides crystal clear images in the system.

Wide Wireless Coverage

Single connection point provides up to 300 meters of flawless wireless communication experience. The WiFi standard ensures continuous communication even in extended networks.

Flexible Design and Color Options

The system, designed to be customized to integrate with your space and brand, offers changeable text styles and LED colors such as Red, Blue, White.

Compact Solution in Queuing System


Wireless Coverage


Character Height


Power Led

WiFi 802.11 Wireless Operation

Supports the IEEE 802.11 standard for WiFi wireless connectivity. This allows you to set up your queue management system effortlessly using the modem, router, or access point in your office without any need for additional cabling.

High Visibility

With a character height of 75mm, it offers visibility from a 180-degree viewing angle. You can mount it in various positions in your waiting room with different mounting options, whether on the ceiling, on the desk, or on the wall.

Scrolling Text Display

In cases where voice calling is not conducted, you can convey your corporate messages to your customers through scrolling text information.

Different LED Color Options

You can use the suitable color option for your establishment with different colors like red, white, blue, yellow, or green. You can direct your customers’ attention by using screens with different colors for different queues.

Mounting Options

In addition to its soft-edged aesthetic design, you can operate on the table, ceiling, or wall with mounting tools suitable for the aesthetic needs of your establishment.

300 Meter Wireless Communication

The wireless network technology used has WiFi certification, and WiFi-certified products provide a flawless wireless working experience up to 300 meters away with just a single connection point.

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