DSI TV Main Panel

Q-smart’s DSI LCD Main Direction Display screen brings a revolution to queuing system screens, offering an innovation. Your TV is no longer just a means for entertainment, but it becomes a central system for guidance, advertisement, and queuing direction, merging aesthetics with functionality.

Multimedia Support and High Resolution

Supports popular video formats such as MPEG, MPEG4, AVI, and ensures sharp visuals with 4K UHD resolution. You can display your corporate content in the best way with photo formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG.

Flexible and Customizable Display

Provides the ability to personalize the display, such as showing customizable text, bank numbers, or identity number (Turkish Republic Identification Number), license plate information, creating a special customer experience.

Easy Connection and Content Loading

Continuous and fast data transfer is ensured through Wifi or Gigabit network connections, while the feature of easy content upload allows you to quickly transfer your institutional contents to the screen using a USB Flash drive.

Compact Solutions in Queue Management Systems







Custom Android Build

A custom Android operating system developed specifically by our company. The system we developed specifically for the hardware can source from all compatible problems, having resolved all issues, it is ready to work flawlessly for years.

4K UHD Resolution

The screen provides ultra-sharp images with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The powerful quad-core processor, along with an external GPU, delivers 4K Ultra HD image quality. Videos and other visuals are displayed in 4K quality, as vivid as real life.

Captivating Full-Screen Notifications

When the main video is playing, your ticket number and full screen designed ticket notifications are prominently displayed, capturing the attention of your customers.

Support for All Popular Media Codecs

Supports popular media formats like MPEG, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. You can easily change and instantly display images via USB Flash Memory.

Queue Number, Service or Additional Information Display

Along with the initial letter, the queue number display, service, and additional information such as extra texts can be viewed simultaneously with the call.

Poster or Landscape Use

Offering flexibility with 2, 3, 4, and 8 line display options, your TV can be used either vertically or horizontally. You can choose a poster-style display for a striking presentation. With adaptive layout options, you can easily create a style that suits your usage preferences.

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