Flex Main Panel

Flex Main Panel

The Flex series of queue direction panels offers a renewed approach to queue systems. By using colors in customer direction, it turns waiting times into enjoyable periods with informative messages and central clock displays, thus enhancing service quality. Q-smart’s Flex series aims to carry the customer experience to the finest detail.

Unlimited Additional Row Support

The Flex series offers the possibility of personalizing your queue system by adding as many call rows as needed due to its feature of being extendable.

High-Efficiency LED Technology

High-efficiency LED technology is offered with Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White color options, providing a bright display and facilitating customers to follow directions easily.

100m Reading Distance

With high sharp resolution, the Flex series ensures readable information even from a distance of up to 100 meters, thus the queue system operates flawlessly even in large spaces.

Compact Solutions in Queue Management Systems




Character Height


Power Led

1200m Communication

With advanced communication algorithms, you can operate up to 1200 meters using RS485 communication networks in various topologies.

High Visibility

With a character height of 75mm, it offers visibility from a 180-degree viewing angle. You can use it in your salon in any position you wish. In applications with multiple main panels, you can use the ticket direction to be visible.

Scrolling Text Display

In situations where voice announcements are not made, you can convey institutional messages to your customers through scrolling text information.

Different LED Color Options

Red, white, blue, yellow, and green LED color options are available to match your setup. You can use different color screens for different queues to direct your customers’ attention.

Central Clock Display

The central clock display can be used to show the time when calls are not being made, or you can use the line you wish as a central clock. (Optional)

Unlimited Additional Rows

You can add as many extra rows as you wish to view past calls. (Options for delivery from stock are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 line configurations.)

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