LCD TV Room / Counter Display

Elevate your queuing systems to a more interactive level with Q-smart’s LCD operator screen. Create a customized communication channel using LCD monitors or TVs that suit your corporate image to enrich the customer experience.

Personalized Visual Experience

You can personalize the background, ticket, and counter numbers in the way you want with Q-smart technology, enriching the queuing system visual experience.

Detailed Employee Information

By displaying the names, surnames, positions, and official photos of the counter personnel, you can provide a more personal and informative customer experience.

Interactive Content Display

The names, surnames, positions, and official photos of the counter personnel can be displayed on the screen, and at the same time, you can improve the customer experience with corner calls or personal on-screen displays.

Compact Solution in Queue Management Systems







Custom Android Build

Manufactured with a custom Android operating system developed by our company. The system developed specifically for the hardware can source from all compatible problems, having resolved all issues, it is ready for years of trouble-free operation.

4K UHD Resolution

The screen offers ultra-sharp images with a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. The powerful quad-core processor, along with an external GPU, delivers 4K Ultra HD image quality. Your videos and other visuals are displayed at 4K quality, as vivid as they are in real life.

Display of Staff Information

You can offer a more transparent and personal service experience to your customers by displaying the names, surnames, positions, and official photographs of the ticket counter personnel on the screen.

Support for All Popular Media Codecs

Supports popular media formats like MPEG, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. You can easily change and instantly display images via USB Flash Memory.

Connection Options

With HDMI or VGA connection options, you can easily integrate and use the queuing system on a wide network of devices.

Poster or Landscape Use

You can use your TV or monitor vertically or horizontally as you wish. You may choose a poster-style display. With adaptive layout options, you can easily create the most suitable setup for your usage style.

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