Matrix Room / Counter Display

The Matrix series operator panels are developed with Q-smart’s leading queuing system technology. These panels offer both elegance and robustness in directing customers in queuing systems, providing a seamless and efficient interface.

Color Customization

Experience a vivid queuing experience with high-efficiency LED technology in colors such as Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White that will fully match your company’s brand image.

Flexible Mounting Options

The Matrix series offers various mounting options like ceiling, table-top, or wall-mounting that allow for area compatibility. With its aesthetic design, the queue system becomes an eye-catching addition to your establishment.

Customizable Text Styles

With adjustable text shapes and styles, and compatibility with all Windows fonts, you can customize your messaging to fit your corporate identity.

Compact Solutions in Queue Management Systems




Character Height


Matrix Led

1200m Communication

With the advanced top-tier communication algorithm, the RS485 communication network allows operation over various topologies, up to a distance of 1200 meters.

High Visibility

With a character height of 75mm, it provides visibility at a 180-degree viewing angle in your salon, offering different mounting options for ceiling, desk, or wall, ensuring it can be used wherever you prefer.

Scrolling Text Display

In situations where voice calls are not made, you can still communicate institutional messages to your customers through scrolling text information.

Low Power Consumption

Utilizing ultra red dot matrix LED technology, the device operates at just 14W power consumption, helping you save on electricity bills and protect the environment.

API Support

The API provided to your organization can be easily integrated with your software or automation applications.

Mounting Options

Alongside its soft-edged aesthetic design, you can operate it on the desk, ceiling, or wall with mounting devices that suit the aesthetic needs of your establishment.

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