Matrix Led Main Display

The Matrix series queue panels take customer orientation to a new level with Q-smart’s latest queuing technology, leading customers to the right personnel in the most effective way and making the waiting process more informative with dynamic messaging.

Unlimited Additional Row Support

The Matrix series allows you to add as many call rows as you need beforehand, providing flexibility and expandability in your queuing system.

High Resolution

With a resolution of 56×10 pixels, the scrolling text format offers clear and precise messaging.

Ultra Red Matrix LED

One of the standout features of the Matrix series is the use of Ultra Red high-efficiency dot matrix LED technology. This technology makes the information more eye-catching and readable due to its brightness.

Compact Solution in Queue Management System




Character Height


Matrix Led

1200m Communication

With an advanced superior communication algorithm and RS485 communication network, you can operate in various topologies up to a distance of 1200 meters.

High Visibility

With a character height of 75mm, it offers visibility at a 180-degree viewing angle. You can use it in any position you like in your salon with different mounting options, whether on the ceiling, on the desk, or mounted on the wall.

Scrolling Text Display

In situations where voice announcements are not made, you can convey your institutional messages to your customers through scrolling text information.

Low Power Consumption

Utilizing ultra red dot matrix LED technology, it operates on just 14W power consumption, ensuring that you save on your electricity bill and contribute to environmental protection.

API Support

The API that will be provided to your institution can be easily integrated with your software or automation applications.

Unlimited Additional Row

You can add as many extra rows as you need for displaying past calls. (Delivery from stock options include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 line configurations.)

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