Customer Satisfaction Survey System

Q-smart NexT Poll, revolutionizes the process of measuring customer satisfaction for your business and takes it to a new level. By easily collecting genuine customer feedback through customized surveys, you can have the necessary data to improve your business’s performance, service quality, and customer loyalty.

Q-smart NexT Poll consistently enhances customer satisfaction, allows real-time tracking of your business’s administration data, and enables you to make more advanced strategic decisions. You can easily install it on your Android-compatible devices and also purchase it as a turnkey solution from Q-smart. Customer satisfaction is now at your fingertips!

What is the Survey System?

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a tool aimed at measuring and improving the quality of services provided by businesses by collecting feedback from customers. Technologies like the Q-smart Poll survey system collect this feedback in real-time.

What is the purpose of the Survey System?

The survey system provides businesses with the ability to measure and evaluate customer satisfaction based on real data. This enables businesses to more effectively direct their operations.

What does the Q-smart Poll Survey System offer?

Q-smart Poll captures genuine feelings and thoughts in a dynamic customer experience. It also provides features like real-time online tracking, unlimited question asking, and integration with existing systems to businesses.

How is the Survey System used?

The survey system can be used independently or integrated with queuing systems. It can enrich customer service by evaluating ticket numbers taken during service with survey questions or guiding the queuing process based on the answers to the questions you prioritize.

Real-Time Reporting

Q-smart Poll provides the ability to monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction in real time through web-based reporting. You can easily access customer feedback from tablets, PCs, or mobile phones.

Integrated Operation

When used in conjunction with queuing systems, Q-smart Poll allows you to assess service quality and operational efficiency by correlating feedback with ticket numbers.

Unlimited Questions

The survey system enables you to direct and detail the evaluation based on the responses of your customers. You can ask unlimited questions, allowing you to understand the reasons behind the ratings for services that receive good or poor scores.

Flawless Operation

The Q-smart Poll survey system operates without issue thanks to the Linux operating system it is specially developed on by our company, eliminating the risk of viruses and ensuring trouble-free use.

How does the Q-smart Poll Survey System Work?

How does work?
1. Purchase your independent server or add the queuing system survey module.
2. Connect to your server from the desired location. Set up your questions and configure your users.
3. Inform us how you would like your survey device to appear (design & appearance).
4. Start placing your wireless survey devices at the desired points and let your customers begin evaluating you.
Working Integrated with the Queuing System

When used integrated with the queuing system, the system allows you to correlate ticket numbers with the results of the evaluations. Thus, you can evaluate the service and personnel you provide through the queuing system.

Stand-alone use (Without the Queuing System)

Your survey system can ask as many questions as you wish, and direct the queue as desired. It inquires the reasons for bad scores from your customers and thanks those who give good scores. Not only can you ask your customers and personnel anything, but you can also ask them everything you wish to evaluate.

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