Queue System Thermal Ticket Roll

An indispensable part of queue systems, the Thermal Queue Roll Paper is the ideal choice for printing tickets in queue systems. Designed specifically for thermal printers that work with thermal printing methods, this ticket roll is offered in various widths and lengths. Whether for short-term or long-term use, this well-known thermal roll provides you with maximum efficiency and quality in ticket printing.

Length Options

Also known as a thermal roll, the queue ticket roll is available in lengths from 45m to 140m. This means that queue systems can have a printing capacity from 900 to 3000 tickets per roll, allowing you to choose the length that best suits your needs.

Original Consumables

The ticket roll, produced as original consumables, prevents problems such as paper dust accumulation and low paper weight that can occur with generic products, thus averting common issues in queue systems.

Economic Solution

This thermal roll does not require cartridges, thus eliminating the need for maintenance. Its full size ensures that even small rolls can prevent thermal head wear. Offering an economical option, it won’t leave you stranded even in long-term usage.

Original Consumables

The original consumables for queue systems. It does not cause malfunctions due to reasons such as paper dust accumulation or low paper weight.

Technical Data

Thermal type
Weight: 58 g/m2
Paper thickness: 0.063mm
Packaging: 100 rolls per box, 10 rolls per pack

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