For a More Organized and Representative Places

Queue Ticket Trash Box Model2

For businesses seeking to prevent the disarray of tickets in front of the queue system, cashier, and operators, the Queue Ticket Collection Box Model B offers an excellent solution. This box, which is both functional and aesthetic, ensures that your used tickets are collected in an orderly manner, becoming the key to maintaining an organized environment.

  • Various Color Options: Available in Red, Blue, Black, and other color options, it easily matches your business decor and adds a modern touch to the space.
  • Customizable Design: You can maintain your corporate image by applying your logo or brand onto the box, enhancing your business recognition and brand value.
  • Lid with Closing Feature: A lid that can be closed prevents tickets from scattering and offers an aesthetic look. The lid provides a designated area where customers can place their tickets.
  • Ease of Monitoring: Thanks to the box’s transparent design, you can easily see how full it is and empty it in a timely manner according to the volume of collected tickets.
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