Queue Management System Solution with HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code

The HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code is a code that allows you to safely share whether you pose any risk in terms of the Covid-19 disease with institutions and individuals during transactions such as transportation or visits, within the scope of Controlled Social Life.

Through integration with the Ministry of Health, citizens’ HES codes are queried by our queue systems through live services.

Individuals going to institutions or organizations to receive services with the HES code can receive the service when they respond as “Risk-Free” by entering their own HES codes into the system or by scanning them with a QR code reader, regarding the Covid-19 disease.

To prevent the use of different people’s HES codes, the system requests the last 3 digits of the individual’s Turkish Identification Number during the query. Citizens whose Turkish Identification Number does not match the HES code are prevented from receiving services.

Individuals who are defined as “Risky” as a result of the HES code query are prevented from entering the institution and receiving services by not being given a queue number.

How It Works?

The HES Code Queue System was implemented to ensure the safety of citizens and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. With this system, institutions and organizations can query the health status of visitors online. Here’s how the system works:

HES Code and Turkish Identification Entry: Visitors must enter the HES code provided by the Ministry of Health and the last 3 digits of their Turkish Identification Number on the main screen of the queue management device. Alternatively, visitors can also present their HES codes using a QR code reader.

Age-Based Prioritization: The system prioritizes individuals aged 65 and over by conducting priority queries for them.

Online Query: The entered HES code is matched and queried online with the Ministry of Health’s database.

Risk-Free Response: If the Ministry of Health confirms that the individual is risk-free, the user is directed to the transaction screen.

Risky Response: If an individual is identified as risky, a warning message is displayed on the screen, and the user is redirected to the main screen.

HES and Turkish Identification Matching: The entered HES code and the last 3 digits of the Turkish Identification Number are checked under the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law (GPDR). If there is no match, a warning is given to the user, and they are redirected to the main screen.

If HES Code Is Not Found: If the entered HES code is not found in the Ministry of Health’s database, a warning message is sent to the user, and they are returned to the main screen.

Transaction Time and Screen Return: The transaction screen that opens for users assessed as risk-free automatically returns to the HES code entry screen after 20 seconds if no transaction is completed or after ticket issuance.

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