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New compact queue management system with 10.1 inches capacitive touch screen, high brightness (400mcd) industrial (-40C/+70C) IPS monitor, industrial thermal printer, Quad-Core 64bit cpu, Mali 470 GPU gpu, integrated 802.11g WiFi and Gigabit ethernet connection interface.

Along with all queue management system needs, Q-smart B2 Touch meets your new generation superior technical needs such as service ticket or half/working time limitation, identity, customer information or tax number checking with web service integration, online appointment management and distrubition, browse external web page on main display...

All equipments that will be needed for the queue management systems (such as WiFi, thermal printer, main power distributor, interface, converters…) are integrated inside it. The system manages your Queue System without the need for any other additional computer, equipment or device.

  • 10.1 inches capacitive multi-touch touch screen
  • 10.1 inches industrial (-40C/+70C working) IPS monitor
  • 400mcd industrial monitor to make it appear in daylight
  • System management via platform independent web browsers
  • Performance reports via platform independent web browsers
  • Maintenance-free industrial thermal printer
  • Service limitation functions (ticket count, half time, working time)
  • Compact desing (WxHxD: 18cm x 24cm x 26cm)
  • Online appointment distributioni management (Optional)
  • WiFi operation with integrated 802.11 b/g WiFi
  • Network operation with integrated Gigabit Ethernet
  • Multi language support, localization and customization
  • 9.000 process on daily basis.
10.1 inhes IPS monitor

With a 10.1-inch industrial IPS monitor, it displays flawless images up to 179 degrees in horizontal or vertical viewing angles.

Multi-touch touch screen

The system is designed with a multi-touch capacitive touch screen for perfect external web page browsing features.

Industrial design

The specially selected industrial monitor features are -40C to + 70C operating temperature and 400mcd high contrast for perfect display in daylight.

Powerfull minimalistic design

The system, which was developed as a result of intensive R & D studies, has a physical size that can fit in any corner with its compact design. WxHxD: 18cm x 24cm x 26cm

Special designed operating system

The specially designed operating system prevents traditional problems such as virus infection or crashing of the operating system.

Industrial printer

You can take printout tickets for many years without any maintenance needs and ink shortages with the industrial type thermal printer with autocutter.

Design without Computer

The system which was equipped with computer capabilities has eliminated the potential disc failures such as disc corruption, crash etc. with the solid disc technology without using any computer.

802.11b/g WiFi WLAN System

Don't confuse wireless with WiFi. It is not just wireless, it is WiFi. You can install your queue management system with connect your corporate WiFi Network without any cabling or recondition.

Online Appointment

It is ready for distributing appointment from the internet (only with internet connection without any additional demand). You can distribute online appointments to your queue system from the internet only by connecting device to the internet.

Web based management

By means of the Web-based system management, you can easily perform the queue management, advertisement management and user management via computer or mobile/smart phones from anywhere.

Employee performance reporting

Thanks to new design integrated web-based performance management, for contributing efficiency of your corporation and reevaluate your workmanship costs with EXCEL and PDF export options.

Service performance analysis

It helps you analyze your business's service performance by providing web-based hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual performance reports.

Live performance reporting

With live reporting you can keep track of your general situation and the status of the services, the number of people waiting to get services, the average operation and waiting times, and the online number of staff in service.

Monitoring tools

With web-based monitoring tools, it allows you to monitor live status information of the hardware and make a system backup, or recover from an previous backups.

Centralized management and reporting

With the support of central reporting and management infrastructure, it enables you to manage, monitor and evaluate all of your branches from the headquarter.

Customer satisfaction survey

You can ensure your customer satisfaction by integrating with the Q-smart Poll customer satisfaction survey system.

Multi language support

You can use the system with your local language and foreign languages simultaneously. You can manage your staff call authorizations for serving foreign language options.

Activity recording

You can record conversations between your represantatives and your customers to ensure your corporate quality standards.

Cloud display support

With built-in cloud display technology support, you can use any Tablet or Smart TV as a main routing or counter display.

Employee working hours

It reports the working hours of your users and takes note of the reasons for the shutdown counter then presents it to you.

Supported solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Have an idea about your company, your employees and your customers? Q-smart queue, performance and appointment management system is ready to give you a plausible answer to all these questions. You just enjoy your coffee.

Cloud Queue Management Solution

Purchase a Tablet and a Smart TV from the nearest electronic store and start using your queue management system just in seconds.

Q-smart Cloud offers all features of Q-smart Queue Management System. System is running on powerfull and secured servers on internet or your local networks with your private accounts. You can convert your Android tablet, Ipad, or PC to a ticket machine, counter / room displays, main routing displays or call terminals with the Q-smart Cloud.

Online Appointment Solutions

Q-smart ticket dispenser is ready to distribute appointments online (with no requirement other than Internet connection.)

Connect your ticket dispenser to Internet and start using the online appointment system with no additional fee or service.

Wireless Queue Management Solutions

Use the WiFi queue management system to place your ticket machine wherever you want in the office. Run the call terminals on the arms of your staff or in their pockets. You are free to move your counters to upstairs tomorrow. And do all these without the need of any renovation work, just enjoy the freedom offered by the WiFi system.

Centralized system management and reporting

Q-smart Queue Management System has a smart central system management infrastructure. You can track the management of your all branches by means of central reporting and management infrastructure from a single center, you can monitor the performances of the branches and follow the workflow in your branches in real time. You can enable the developed artificial intelligence to track your system by applying smart filters for unexpected cases.

Technical Specifications

Hardware specifications

  • CPU Processor: Arm 64 Bit 1.5Ghz A72 Cortex Quad Core
  • Mainboard: Broadcom® BCM2711B0
  • RAM: 2GB DDR4 2200 Mhz
  • Disk: 64GB Samsung Evo
  • Monitor: 10.1 inches, 400mcd, 1920x1080px IPS
  • Touch: Capacitive multi-touch
  • Printer: Industrial thermal 58mm (Japan)
  • Network: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet
  • Operation voltage: 220V AC
  • Power consumption: 40 W
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Dimensions [cm] (WxDxH): 18cm x 24cm x 26cm


  • Daily transaction capacity: 9.000
  • User interaction: Touch screen
  • Queue management capacity: 99
  • User capacity: Unlimited
  • Counter management capacity: 50
  • Ticket roll capacity: 1000 Tickets (per roll)
  • Ticket width: 58mm

Hardware Support

  • Voice recording: Yes
  • Virtual call terminal support: Yes
  • Android smart call terminal support: Yes
  • Web based cloud call terminal support: Yes
  • Desktop call terminal support: Yes
  • Magnetic stripe card reader: No
  • RFID, Mifare and smartcard reader: No
  • Barcode and QR code reader: No
  • Cloud display support: Yes
  • Curwe WiFi 802.11 b/g display support: Yes
  • Curwe display support: Yes
  • Matrix display support: Yes
  • 7 segment display support: Yes
  • USB counter display support: Yes
  • Android tablet counter display support: Yes
  • DSI LCD TV Digital signage support: Yes
  • Main panel groupping support: No
  • Additional row for main displays: Unlimited
  • Screen size: 10.1 inches
  • Special linux based operating system: Yes
  • Windows operating system: No
  • Color options: Black, White, Blue, Red or Optional
  • Corporate logo application: No
  • Chasis climatic condion controller: Yes
  • Customer satisfaction survey: Optional
  • Industrial thermal printer: Yes
  • Paper near to end sensor and warnings : Optional
  • Paper end sensor and warnings: Yes
  • Ticket printing from web browsers: Yes
  • Printing ticket to speech: No
  • Calling ticket to speech: No
  • Customer informations print to ticket: No
  • Pass ticket to user group: Yes
  • Pass ticket to specified user: No

Reporting Support

  • Queue performance reporting from web browsers: Yes
  • User performance reporting from web browsers: Yes
  • Reporting time: 6 months
  • Graphical output for reports: Yes
  • Excel export for reports: Yes
  • PDF export for reports: Yes
  • Central system management(all systems managed from central): Optional
  • Central system reporting(all systems performance reports from central): Optional
  • Responsive web design: Yes
  • Smart phones compatible: Yes
  • Employee Log-Off reason reporting: Yes
  • Employee working hours reporting: Yes
  • Online hardware monitoring: Yes

Management Support

  • HTML5 customer screen design: Yes
  • External web page browsing: Yes
  • Language support: Yes
  • Ticket template management from web browsers: Yes
  • Queue management from web browsers: Yes
  • Ticket number prefix (Ex A123): No
  • Internet appointment distribution: Optional
  • Customer card management: No
  • Identified ticket printing(Customers cannot get ticket without identifiy theyself): Optional
  • Specified queue ticket printing with identify number(Ex. Customer get ticket automatically when write id number from specified queue): Optional
  • Work time and half time limitation: Yes
  • Total ticket number limitation for queue: Yes
  • Mirror queue: No
  • Smart call density management: No
  • Touch screen advertisement management: No
  • One click system backup: Yes
  • One click system restore: Yes

Web Service and Integration

  • SAP Integration: Optional
  • Internet appointment management web services: Yes
  • Performance reporting web services: Yes
  • Internet appointment integration: Optional
  • Identification number integration: Optional
  • System statistics web services: Yes
  • Call management web services: Yes
  • Call terminal API: Yes
  • Smart building integration: Optional