B2 Touch Queue Ticket Dispenser

Q-smart B2 Touch

Our innovative compact queue system responds to your queue management and number calling needs with industrial standards. This system, which meets the basic desktop queuing requirements, also attracts attention with its new generation technological features.

10.1-inch Capacitive Touch Screen

Has a 10.1-inch industrial IPS monitor, working flawlessly within a temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.
Also offers clear image quality even outdoors with a brightness of 400cd/m².

Integrated Queue System Features

Maintenance-free industrial thermal printer.
Independent platform web browsers for system management and performance reporting features, providing a complete enclosed solution for queue management operations.

Compact and Functional Design

Ideal for desktop use, this queue system has a compact design with dimensions of 18cm x 24cm x 26cm. Offers optional user convenience with the option of distributing/managing online appointments, wireless Wi-Fi, and wired Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Compact Solution for Queue Systems


Transaction Capacity


Ticket Capacity


Counter Capacity

Connection Options

With 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet options, you can easily connect to the network of your choice. You can experience a seamless network experience by selecting either wireless or wired connection types.

Functional Design

Thanks to the device’s compact design, it can be easily positioned even in limited spaces. With the included 58mm industrial thermal printer, you can use it for a long time without the need to change ink or encounter cartridge problems.

10.1” Integrated Touch Screen

The device’s 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen is sensitive and provides a fast touch experience. Thanks to IPS technology, it offers a lively and sharp image quality from any angle.

Powerful Compact Hardware

With an Arm 64 Bit Quad Core CPU, you achieve fast and uninterrupted performance. Supported by a Broadcom® motherboard, it provides a powerful experience in all your operations.

Integrated Queue Management Solutions:

Maximize Customer Experience

Customer Service Voice Recording

You can record the conversations between your staff and customers in accordance with your quality standards using the Voice Recording System. In case of any problem, you have the ability to listen to the conversations that took place.

Extensive Language and Alphabet Support

The queue management system supports all languages and alphabets. This feature offers an easy and understandable experience for your users while servicing in different regions or multi-lingual environments. It is an ideal choice for global operations.

Detailed Reporting

It offers access to performance reports through an independent web browser platform. This way, you can analyze your transactions and performance in detail and closely follow the development of your business.

Live Performance Reporting

With live reporting, you can monitor the overall situation of your queue and service statuses, the people waiting for service, average processing and waiting times, and the number of staff providing service in real-time.

System Integration

With SAP via web service integrations, you can ensure that your customers interact with your system, prioritize your customers, and facilitate the communication with your corporate infrastructure.

Satisfaction Survey

By integrating with the Q-smart Poll customer satisfaction survey system, you can evaluate the service your customers have received, and investigate the reasons for their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Leader Of

Digitalization in Queue Systems

With the advanced queuing services our company offers, optimize your processes. Through web-based management, effective performance reports, and centralized control mechanisms, elevate your customer experience. Always be one step ahead with our innovative solutions.

Performance Reports

With the developed web-based staff performance management, you can contribute to the efficiency of your institution. Re-evaluate your personnel costs.

Web-Based Management

Thanks to web-based management, you can easily execute queue management, advertising management, queue order management, and operator management via computer or mobile phone.

Online Appointment

You can distribute appointments online, ready only with an internet connection, without any demand. Just by connecting to the internet, you can assign slots from your queue system.

Central Management

Thanks to our map integration, you can instantly view all your branches, optimize their order, quickly update ticket templates, and customize queue settings. Empower the user experience. Take the power into your hands now!

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