C4 Kiosk Type Ticket Dispenser with Buttons

Q-smart C4

Designed with corporate needs in mind, the C4 button queue management system not only stands out with its functionality but also with its aesthetic design. It provides a modern touch to your space and offers a complete solution for queue management without the need for a computer, thanks to its integrated superior hardware and customizable exterior. It’s ideal for those who are looking for a design compatible with their corporate identity. Both aesthetic and performance-wise, C4 sets a new standard in queue management.

Special Electronic Hardware

With specially designed electronic hardware that removes common virus or operating system crash problems, it offers a seamless queue management experience.

Industrial Printer

With maintenance-free industrial-type thermal printers, get continuous output without worries about ink or printer issues for years.

Lifetime Guarantee

With tickets that come with a lifetime guarantee, a reliable and robust queue system experience is provided by supporting the two-sided processor and solid-state drive technology against all challenges.

Performance, Aesthetics, Speed, and Reliability


Transaction Capacity


Ticket Capacity


Counter Capacity

Color Options

You can personalize your system with the color combinations and front panel applications you desire.

Industrial Printer

The industrial thermal printer used does not require maintenance, and you can print for years without the worry of running out of ink.

Lifetime Guarantee

Especially with the industrial thermal printer and lifetime guarantee queuing buttons, it offers durability for many years.

Wireless or Wired

With the included 802.11g WiFi feature, it can be connected to your network completely wirelessly without the need for extra cable clutter, providing an excellent queuing experience.

Powerful Queue Management Solutions:

Experience Seamless Operations

Universal Language Compatibility

This queue system supports different languages and alphabets, ensuring a seamless experience for a broad customer base around the world.

Virus-Free, Trouble-Free Operation

Specially designed electronic hardware for the queue system provides faultless protection against viruses and system crashes. Maintain a seamless queue management experience for years without technical service costs!

Easy and Accessible Management

The system can be managed from anywhere via a platform-independent web browser, providing access to system management and performance reports, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

Computer-Free Design

With state-of-the-art solid-state disk technology, issues such as crashes, malfunctions, or freezes have been completely eliminated. It offers a precise and flawless experience without the need for a computer.


The user-friendly system management design offers an easy and understandable experience at every level. Through a web browser, you can manage the system independently from any platform and easily access system status.

Integrated Design

All necessary components for the queue system (thermal printer, power supply, interface, etc.) are integrated within the system. This provides quick and practical usage without the need for extra devices or computers.

Catch the Future with Wireless
Queue Management System

Without the need to connect to a computer, the included WiFi allows you to connect to your network wirelessly and uninterruptedly over 802.11g WiFi, providing a modern solution to your system’s queue management needs.

The system offers a high-quality integrated hardware with a lifetime guarantee for the queuing buttons, providing both technology and durability in a single package. Manage easily via your web browser independent of the platform and enjoy the luxury of a daily processing capacity of 6000 transactions!

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