CheckOut Cash Register Queue System

Q-smart CheckOut: The Leader of Linear Queue Systems

Q-smart CheckOut

Q-smart CheckOut Cloud offers a specialized queue system for customers from shopping centers to retail sale points. It transforms the waiting time by directing customers both audibly and visually, making the wait more enjoyable.

Robust Operating System

With an advanced Linux-based operating system, the checkout queue system offers stable performance far from the problems of conventional technology.

Full HD Display

1080p Full HD screen output provides customers with clear, uninterrupted visual and audible announcements, so customers can easily see and hear which checkout to go to.

Web Based Management

This modern queue system, with its web-based interface, allows users to manage the checkout queue easily and monitor performance, thereby keeping customer experience at the highest level.

High Capacity in Queue Systems


Transaction Capacity


User Capacity


Counter Capacity

Funny waiting time for your customers

This suggests that the system can make the waiting time more enjoyable for customers by displaying their queue status on screens, providing informational messages, or showing advertisements.

Voice announcement system

The system can direct customers waiting in line to the next available counter through voice announcements. These announcements can be connected to the store’s public address system.

Full HD display

It states that without the need for a main panel, the system can manage visual and audio (including voice content) queue information through Full HD televisions and monitors.

Web-based management

The system has a renewed web-based management interface, which allows users to set roles and permissions for staff or adjust the queue from any location or environment they desire.

Integrated Queue Management Solutions:

Maximize Your Customer Experience

Computerless Design

Without using a computer, the system is equipped with computing capabilities, removing common hardware issues such as disk failure, disk ejection, etc.

Special Operating System

A specially designed operating system that is not prone to common problems such as virus infection or system crash.

Capacity Expansion

You can evaluate limitless screen, terminal, or main screen options, as well as LCD TV or LED options. Your system can be expanded in capacity whenever you desire.

Live Performance Report

With live reporting, you can monitor the general status of your branch and your services, average transaction times, and the number of staff in service in real-time.

System Integration

Through SAP and web service integrations, you can enable your customers to interact efficiently within the system, and you can keep them informed about your institutional infrastructure.

Satisfaction Survey

With the Q-smart Poll customer satisfaction survey system, you can integrate it, evaluate the service provided to your customers, and investigate the reasons for their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Q-smart CheckOut
Reach Out to the Next Customer with Technology

Q-smart CheckOut Cloud provides the capability to call your next customer in a more professional and effective manner anywhere from shopping centers to retail sales points.

Its technological architecture and computer-independent design make the queue management system agile. By connecting seamlessly to your included Wi-Fi and wireless network, it offers the possibility to work on your Wi-Fi network without any cables, supporting 802.11g Wi-Fi standards.

It is an ideal solution to increase customer satisfaction and maximize operational efficiency.

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