D3H Ticket Dispenser with Touch Screen

Q-smart D3H

With a 19″ wide horizontal touch screen display, a daily processing capacity of 20,000, and a powerful Intel processor, bring the next generation queue management to your organization. Experience an efficient and effective queue system with unique Linux operating system technology and superior queuing technology.

Custom Developed Operating System

The Linux-based operating system developed by Q-smart prevents issues such as virus infections or system crashes, whether it’s Linux or Windows, providing a perfect numbering experience.

19-inch Infrared Touch Screen

Our queue management system offers maximum performance in all conditions with its 19-inch horizontal touch screen that is resistant to scratching, impacts, and water.

Web-Based Queue Management

Reporting, queue settings, personnel management, and more… Perform all your queue management operations easily through your web browser.

High Capacity Queue Management System


Transaction Capacity


Ticket Capacity


Counter Capacity

Powerful Intel Processor

Even under heavy workloads, experience a seamless performance with a superior Intel processor that maximizes your efficiency.

Industrial Printer

With the industrial-type thermal printer used, you can print for years without the need for maintenance or worrying about ink running out.

19″ Touch Screen

With 19-inch infrared touch screen technology (4096px), this system works flawlessly for years without the need for calibration and without any loss of sensitivity.

Sophisticated Design Details

Thanks to its silencer feet, it provides maximum stability and has a soundless and seamless appearance with hidden screw details, offering a modern aesthetic with its screwless design.

Integrated Queue Solutions:

Maximize Your Customer Experience

Customer Service Voice Recording

According to your quality standards, you can record the conversations between your staff and customers with the Voice Recording System. If there is a problem, you can listen to their conversation.

Card Reader Options

With card or barcode reader integration, you can prioritize your customers, list them, and send various messages through screens or tickets.

Capacity Expansion

You can expand your system’s capacity to include an unlimited number of kiosks, ticket machines, operator screens, bell inputs, main screens, LCD monitors, desktop printers, and other extensions as you desire.

Live Performance Report

With the live report, you can monitor the overall situation of your branch and the status of services, the number of people waiting for service, average transaction and waiting times, and the number of staff serving.

System Integration

With SAP web service integrations, you can ensure your customers’ interaction with the system, prioritize your customers, and notify them in sync with your corporate communication.

Satisfaction Survey

With the Q-smart Poll customer satisfaction survey system integrated, you can evaluate the services received by your customers, and examine their satisfaction or dissatisfaction reasons.

Leader of

Digitalization in Queue Systems

With the advanced queuing services our company offers, optimize your processes. Through web-based management, effective performance reports, and centralized control mechanisms, elevate your customer experience. Always be one step ahead with our innovative solutions.

Performance Reports

With the developed web-based staff performance management, you can contribute to the efficiency of your institution. Re-evaluate your personnel costs.

Web-Based Management

Thanks to web-based management, you can easily execute queue management, advertising management, queue order management, and operator management via computer or mobile phone.

Online Appointment

You can distribute appointments online, ready only with an internet connection, without any demand. Just by connecting to the internet, you can assign slots from your queue system.

Central Management

Thanks to our map integration, you can instantly view all your branches, optimize their order, quickly update ticket templates, and customize queue settings. Empower the user experience. Take the power into your hands now!

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