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With Q-smart E2, achieve ultra high performance with 22" touch-screen functionality. Q-smart E2 meets all your queue management system needs. The daily process capacity of system was increased up to 20.000 and which does not slow down forever with its powerful hardware and the stable Linux-based special operating system at its heart. Manage your customer relations at the top level with the integrated online appointment system and customer card management.
  • Exterior design can be customizable with several color options and front panel applications
  • Online appointment distribution, management and in-branch controls from the Internet.
  • Performance reporting over the web browsers (compatible with IPhone, Ipad, Tablet or Computer)
  • Remote system management over the web browsers (compatible with IPhone, Ipad, Tablet or Computer)
  • 22 inches LED Monitor, Infra Red vadal proof touch screen with the 4096x4096px resolution
  • Maintenance-free, industrial type thermal printer with autocutter (50.000km printing, 1milion cut warranty).
  • Hidden chassis screws, weldless design and stand with silencer.
  • Over 20.000 process capacity on a daily basis

Technical Specifications

Hardware specifications

  • CPU Processor: Intel® 2200 Mhz Quad Core
  • Mainboard: Asus® H110-D
  • RAM: 4GB DDR4 2200 Mhz
  • Disk: 128GB Sandisk® SSD
  • Monitor: Philips® 22 inches, IPS
  • Touch: Infra Red 4096x4096 px resolution
  • Printer: Industrial thermal 58-60 mm (Japan)
  • Network: 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Operation voltage: 220V AC
  • Power consumption: 150 W
  • Weight: 51.6 kg
  • Dimensions [cm] (WxDxH): 46x45x150


  • Daily transaction capacity: 20.000
  • User interaction: Touch
  • Queue management capacity: 99
  • User capacity: Unlimited
  • Counter management capacity: 254
  • Ticket roll capacity: 4500 Tickets
  • Ticket width: 58-60 mm

Hardware Support

  • Voice recording: Yes
  • Virtual call terminal support: Yes
  • Android smart call terminal support: Yes
  • Web based cloud call terminal support: Yes
  • Desktop call terminal support: Yes
  • Magnetic stripe card reader: Optional
  • RFID, Mifare and smartcard reader: Optional
  • Barcode and QR code reader: Optional
  • Matrix display support: Yes
  • USB counter display support: Yes
  • Android tablet counter display support: Yes
  • DSI LCD TV Digital signage support: Yes
  • Main panel groupping support: Yes
  • Additional row for main displays: Unlimited
  • Screen size: 22 inches
  • Special linux based operating system: Yes
  • Windows operating system: Optional
  • Color options: Red, Blue White
  • Corporate logo application: Optional
  • Chasis climatic condion controller: Yes
  • Customer satisfaction survey: Optional
  • Industrial thermal printer: Yes
  • Paper near to end sensor and warnings : Yes
  • Paper end sensor and warnings: Yes
  • Ticket printing from web browsers: Yes
  • Printing ticket to speech: Yes
  • Calling ticket to speech: Yes
  • Customer informations print to ticket: Optional
  • Pass ticket to user group: Yes
  • Pass ticket to specified user: Yes

Reporting Support

  • Queue performance reporting from web browsers: Yes
  • User performance reporting from web browsers: Yes
  • Reporting time: More than 5 years
  • Graphical output for reports: Yes
  • Excel export for reports: Yes
  • PDF export for reports: Yes
  • Central system management(all systems managed from central): Optional
  • Central system reporting(all systems performance reports from central): Optional

Management Support

  • Language support: Yes
  • Ticket template management from web browsers: Yes
  • Queue management from web browsers: Yes
  • Ticket number prefix (Ex A123): Optional
  • Internet appointment distribution: Optional
  • Customer card management: Optional
  • Identified ticket printing(Customers cannot get ticket without identifiy theyself): Optional
  • Specified queue ticket printing with identify number(Ex. Customer get ticket automatically when write id number from specified queue): Optional
  • Work time and half time limitation: Yes
  • Total ticket number limitation for queue: Yes
  • Mirror queue: Yes
  • Smart call density management: Yes
  • Touch screen advertisement management: Yes

Web Service and Integration

  • SAP Integration: Yes
  • Internet appointment management web services: Yes
  • Performance reporting web services: Yes
  • Internet appointment integration: Yes
  • Identification number integration: Yes
  • System statistics web services: Yes
  • Call terminal API: Yes