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The world's most economical queue system solution, consisting of a Samsung 9.6-inch android tablet, custom-made tablet stands and a mini-application server, which can be used with or without a ticket printer, offering queue system management as well as performance and online appointment management functions.

All the hardware and software needed are integrated into the system. With its built-in web and database server, it manages your system without the need for any additional hardware or software. By connecting your desired TV to the 4K HDMI output on the device, you can use your queue management system main screen just in seconds.

  • Samsung 9.6 inches android tablet
  • Access point function with integrated 802.11b/g/n
  • Special tablet stand desing options
  • Performance reporting over the web browsers (compatible with IPhone, Ipad, Tablet or Computer)
  • Remote system management over the web browsers (compatible with IPhone, Ipad, Tablet or Computer)
  • With or without printer options
  • Customer display design with rich multimedia content
  • Main screen usage with built-in HDMI output
  • 3.000 process capacity on a daily basis

Mount the stand

Mount the stand to the wall using a few screws that are shipped with the product package

Place the tablet in the stand

Download the Q-smart kiosk app from the Play Store, set the application URL as the IP address of your mini-server, and simply place tablet in the stand

Start using the system

Connect Q-smart T mini server to TV and start using system

Freedom with Android

The system comes with a 9.6-inch Samsung android tablet and it is compatible with all tablets over Android 4.2. If you prefer, the tablet option can be replaced with any tablets of any size and brand.


The tablet stand is simply mounted on the wall. The Q-smart kiosk app is installed on the Tablet from the Play Store and runs. You don't need proffessional installation service by qualified personnel.

Without consumables

As with traditional queue mangement system, you can distribute your ticket numbers to your customers or you can generate virtual ticket with customer information such as name, tax number, last 4 digits of phone number. There is no consumables.

With or without printer

The system can work with or without ticket printer like traditional queue management systems. Q-smart T can work with all type of ECS/POS printers.


The Q-smart T application server weighs only 266 grams and dimensions are 13cm x 8cm x 4cm. With its ergonomic and lightweight design, the cost of cargo is not neglected.

Main screen with HDMI output

The built-in HDMI output on the Q-smart T can be used as the main customer screen. You can use any kind of TV as a main customer screen just in seconds.

Integrated 802.11b/g/n WiFi

The system has a built-in 802.11 b / g WiFi router. It can work over the built-in WiFi system without connecting it to your personal or corporate wireless or wired network.

Gigabit Ethernet

It can be connected to your personal or corporate network using the built-in gigabit ethernet output. You can access the system with any web browser from your network. The system only uses  Port: 80.

Customizable design

Background, ticket number text, counter/room number text, top logo, footer, live news sources, colors and sizes of all articles, time/date can be customizable according to your corporate needs.

Live News

With customizable RSS services, copy and paste URL address of the RSS provider of your choice and save. The system automatically accesses your provider, selects random news from sources, and starts viewing it instantly.

Weather forecast

The device automatically accesses the location information and obtains the spoken language and weather information of the location. This information can also be selected manually.

Customizable melody option

You can enable/disable the use of the warning melody during the next ticket call. In addition, the melody can be used any audio file which want.

cloud qsmart queue management server

User-based work

Each user is connected to the system with their own user name and password, and is ready to run automatically without any additional settings according to the task list assigned by the system administrator.

Assist function

The list of users' primary and secondary tasks can be configured by the system administrator. When there are no waiting tickets on the user's first task list, they assist to other intensive services without additional configuration.

Working with internet browsers

The system comes with a built-in Cloud ticket call terminal. It doesn't need to install any software on the user's personal computer. It works through any kind of internet browser and using only 80th port. No special settings required.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users can be signed-up to the system. No matter whether the user works at the desk / counter / room, he/she do the same tasks at any location with the their own user name and password.

Performance reports

You can get live or historic work and performance reports from your mobile phone, tablet or computer's web browser, without install any programs.

Live performance

You can monitor the live status of your system and employee's performance via your web browser. Number of ticket waiting, average waiting time, online terminal etc.

Operation hours reporting

You can get live or historical reports of the working durations, start, break and exit times of your employee's from web management tools.

Service performance reports

You can get hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual work reports of the services you provide according to the filters you want. You can export the output of your reports in PDF or Excel format from web management tools.

queue management performance reporiting

Live hardware monitor

You can monitor live performance data of the system hardware by connecting to the system web management interface from your web browser.

User management

You can add new users, edit task lists of existing users, and change their credentials and job descriptions online from the system's web management interface.

Queue management

You can edit the working hours, ticket number intervals, break times, name, visuals, priority values, service status, daily ticket limit of service's or you can add new services from web management interface.

One click backup

You can back up your system at any time with just one click. You can download the backups you have created to your computer and restore system to anytime with a single click.

Technical Specifications

Hardware specifications

  • CPU Processor: Arm 1.8Ghz Quad Core + Samsung Exynos 1.3Ghz A7 Cortex Quad Core
  • Mainboard: Asus RK3288
  • RAM: GB DDR3 + 1.5GB
  • Disk: 64GB Samsung Evo
  • Monitor: Samsung 9.6 inç, 1280x800px TFT LCD
  • Touch: Capacitive multi-touch
  • Printer: Opsiyonel (ECS/POS)
  • Network: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet
  • Operation voltage: 220V AC
  • Power consumption: 5 W
  • Weight: 266gr
  • Dimensions [cm] (WxDxH): 11cm x 3cm x 11cm


  • Daily transaction capacity: 3.000
  • User interaction: Touch screen
  • Queue management capacity: 99
  • User capacity: Unlimited
  • Counter management capacity: 254
  • Ticket roll capacity: Optional
  • Ticket width: Optional

Hardware Support

  • Voice recording: Yes
  • Virtual call terminal support: Yes
  • Android smart call terminal support: Yes
  • Web based cloud call terminal support: Yes
  • Desktop call terminal support: Yes
  • Magnetic stripe card reader: No
  • RFID, Mifare and smartcard reader: No
  • Barcode and QR code reader: No
  • Cloud display support: Yes
  • Curwe WiFi 802.11 b/g display support: Yes
  • Curwe display support: Yes
  • Matrix display support: Yes
  • 7 segment display support: Yes
  • USB counter display support: Yes
  • Android tablet counter display support: Yes
  • DSI LCD TV Digital signage support: Yes
  • Main panel groupping support: Yes(1)
  • Additional row for main displays: 5
  • Screen size: 9.6 inches
  • Special linux based operating system: Yes
  • Windows operating system: No
  • Color options: Black, White, Blue, Red or Optional
  • Corporate logo application: Optional
  • Chasis climatic condion controller: No
  • Customer satisfaction survey: Optional
  • Industrial thermal printer: Optional
  • Paper near to end sensor and warnings : Optional
  • Paper end sensor and warnings: Optional
  • Ticket printing from web browsers: Yes
  • Printing ticket to speech: No
  • Calling ticket to speech: No
  • Customer informations print to ticket: Optional
  • Pass ticket to user group: Yes
  • Pass ticket to specified user: No

Reporting Support

  • Queue performance reporting from web browsers: Yes
  • User performance reporting from web browsers: Yes
  • Reporting time: 6 months
  • Graphical output for reports: Yes
  • Excel export for reports: Yes
  • PDF export for reports: Yes
  • Central system management(all systems managed from central): Optional
  • Central system reporting(all systems performance reports from central): Optional
  • Responsive web design: Yes
  • Smart phones compatible: Yes
  • Employee Log-Off reason reporting: Yes
  • Employee working hours reporting: Yes
  • Online hardware monitoring: Yes

Management Support

  • HTML5 customer screen design: Yes
  • External web page browsing: Yes
  • Language support: Yes
  • Ticket template management from web browsers: Yes
  • Queue management from web browsers: Yes
  • Ticket number prefix (Ex A123): No
  • Internet appointment distribution: Optional
  • Customer card management: No
  • Identified ticket printing(Customers cannot get ticket without identifiy theyself): Optional
  • Specified queue ticket printing with identify number(Ex. Customer get ticket automatically when write id number from specified queue): Optional
  • Work time and half time limitation: Yes
  • Total ticket number limitation for queue: Yes
  • Mirror queue: No
  • Smart call density management: No
  • Touch screen advertisement management: No
  • One click system backup: Yes
  • One click system restore: Yes

Web Service and Integration

  • SAP Integration: Optional
  • Internet appointment management web services: Yes
  • Performance reporting web services: Yes
  • Internet appointment integration: Optional
  • Identification number integration: Optional
  • System statistics web services: Yes
  • Call management web services: Yes
  • Call terminal API: Yes
  • Smart building integration: Optional