T Series Queue System

Q-smart’s Innovative Queue System: Integrated Numbering Solution Powered by Android

Q-smart T

With the Samsung 9.6 inch Android tablet and special production standards, Q-smart offers the world’s economic queue management solution with queue performance and online appointment services.

Freedom of Use with Android

Q-smart T queue system can be provided with a 9.6 inch Samsung tablet and is compatible with tablets running Android 4.2 or higher, customizable according to personal preferences.

Plug and Play Feature

The user-friendly Q-smart T allows for quick installation and setup without the need for expertise. Instant queue system management can be provided via web browser.

Operation Without Consumable Materials

Unlike traditional queue systems, the Q-smart T numbering system operates without the need for consumable materials. You can generate virtual tickets instantly or distribute queue numbers directly to customers.”

Innovative solution for Queue Management Systems


Transaction Capacity


Queue Capacity


Counter Capacity

Mount the stand

ttach the stand to the surface with the screws provided in the stand package.

Place the tablet

Download the application from the Play Store, set the URL as the IP address of your mini server and place the tablet in the stand.

Use the system

Connect your mini server to your TV and start using your system.

Free use with Android

The system is offered with a 9.6 inch Samsung tablet and is compatible with all tablets running Android 4.2 or above. The choice of tablet can be changed to any brand or size as desired.

Plug and Play

The tablet stand can be easily mounted to the wall. The Q-smart Fullscreen Browser application is downloaded from the Play Store and run without the need for expert personnel to install it.

No consumables

Unlike traditional queue systems, it allows you to create virtual tickets for your customers with information such as their name, last four digits of their phone number, or tax number, without consuming any materials.

Main screen with HDMI output

The system’s included HDMI output can be used as a main screen. The TV you connect can serve as a customer guidance screen.

Entegre Sıramatik Çözümleri:

Müşteri Deneyiminizi Maksimize Edin

Voice Announcement

During the call of the next ticket, an audible alert melody can be used, or you can make a voice announcement that includes the ticket number and the counter to which the customer will be directed.

Works on Internet Browsers

The system comes with a cloud ticket call terminal, and it operates through an internet browser without any software installation, using only port 80. No special configuration is required.

One-Click Backup

The system can be backed up with a single click at any time, and the backups that are created can be restored to your information system with a single click to a date you have previously selected.

Live performance report

You can track the overall situation of your services, the status of your servers, the number of people waiting to receive service, average transaction and waiting times, and the number of personnel providing service in real time.

System Integration

Integration with SAP and web service integrations can ensure that your customers interact with your system, give priority to your customers, and ensure communication with your corporate infrastructure.

Satisfaction Survey

With the Q-smart Poll customer satisfaction survey system integrated into the queue system, you can evaluate the service your customers receive and investigate the reasons for their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Leader of

Digitalization in Queue Systems

With the advanced queuing services our company offers, optimize your processes. Through web-based management, effective performance reports, and centralized control mechanisms, elevate your customer experience. Always be one step ahead with our innovative solutions.

Performance Reports

With the developed web-based staff performance management, you can contribute to the efficiency of your institution. Re-evaluate your personnel costs.

Web-Based Management

Thanks to web-based management, you can easily execute queue management, advertising management, queue order management, and operator management via computer or mobile phone.

Online Appointment

You can distribute appointments online, ready only with an internet connection, without any demand. Just by connecting to the internet, you can assign slots from your queue system.

Central Management

Thanks to our map integration, you can instantly view all your branches, optimize their order, quickly update ticket templates, and customize queue settings. Empower the user experience. Take the power into your hands now!

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