Monster Notebook Servis Sıramatik Sistemi
At Monster Notebook Technical Services, we offer a Technological Service Experience with the Q-smart Queue Management System,
Available in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Berlin at Monster Notebook Stores

Monster Notebook Queue and Online Appointment System

Monster Notebook, known for its innovative products in the computer technology sector, continues this innovative approach in its Technical Services with customer-oriented services. The technical service, equipped with custom-designed kiosks and room indicators, promises a high-standard service experience to customers. The integration of Q-smart Queue Management Systems provides convenience and speed at every stage of the service process.

Specially designed indicators for each service room project customer queue numbers onto room windows through stylish projections, reflecting Monster Notebook’s unique brand identity. Q-smart kiosks are produced with a design that suits the dynamic and technological concept of the company, offering a modern welcome and guidance experience to customers.

Customers, through online appointments, can receive fast and personalized service when they visit the technical service. With this system, Monster Notebook aims to instantly meet customer expectations, maximizing efficiency in service operations and continuously enhancing customer satisfaction.

Custom-Designed Kiosks and Room Indicators

The custom-designed kiosks and room indicators, highlighting Monster Notebook’s technological identity, make the service experience unique.

Projection Room Indicators

Projections reflecting customer queue numbers on room windows offer a visual feast and allow customers to comfortably wait.

Online Appointment System

Customers can benefit from fast, personalized service without waiting by scheduling appointments online.

Integrated Service Operations

The Q-smart Queue Management System, integrated with the Monster Notebook appointment infrastructure, ensures efficient and effective management of services focused on customer satisfaction.

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